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‍Emma’s plaque in Calais restored

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"In remembrance of Melady": Emma Hamilton’s copy of Haydn’s The Creation

Lluis Tembleque Teres, Museum of London librarian, provides this fascinating account of three music books that were once owned by Emma Hamilton, and donated to the London Museum in 1931 by Mr and Mrs Ernest Stuart Makower: link

       Our Aims

Emma Hamilton Society aims to provide positive and deserved press to Dame Emma Hamilton (her correct title is Dame as she was awarded the Maltese Cross, which made a Dame of Malta) who, we feel, has been unfairly maligned because of prevailing sexism and snobbery: she had unwedded relationships (but not promiscuously) and spoke with a common accent.  

These trivialities have clouded public opinion against acknowledging her outstanding personal achievements.  Emma Hamilton was much, much more than a pretty-faced chancer (Her Unsung Achievements and Her Story explain why).  

We wish to set her record straight.

Dame Emma Hamilton wearing the Maltese Cross, 1800

Schmidt  © National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Our Close Relationship with The 1805 Club

Emma Hamilton Society has been closely involved with The 1805 Club at all points of its development.  The 1805 Club has worked to commemorate Emma, Lady Hamilton in many ways over the years and has, amongst other things, raised a monument Emma in Calais near the site of her lost grave and collaborated with Burton and Neston History Society and Neston Town Council to erect a second one near the site of her birth in Ness, Cheshire.  The 1805 Club also organised the celebrations for Emma's 250th and 252nd birthdays in her birth town of Neston, Cheshire; introduced the Emma Hamilton toast and have given lectures about her.  With The 1805 Club being in such strong concordance with our aims, our two societies look forward to continued close links.

With thanks to the following organisations and individuals who have generously offered support and copyright permission for image use:

The National Maritime Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, Philip Mould & Co, Web Gallery of Art, The Frick Collection,  National Museums Liverpool, The National Museum Royal Navy, English Heritage.

Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG

Peter Warwick, past Chairman, The 1805 Club.

Dr Quintin Colville, Curator of Naval History at the National Maritime Museum, and Curator of Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity.

Julie Peakman, author Emma Hamilton, Haus Publishing, 2005.

Kate Williams, author England's Mistress, The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton, Hutchinson London, 2006.

Burton and Neston History Society who recently teamed up with 1805 Club and Neston Town Council to erect the only current UK monument to Emma, near the site of her birth.

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About the Founder

My name is Lily Style.  I am the 4th great-granddaughter of Emma Hamilton & Lord Nelson, and also Emma's enduringly loyal friends, George and Catherine Matcham (of whom Catherine, or Kitty, was Lord Nelson's sister).  My line came into being after Emma and Nelson's grandson, Lt Col William George Ward, married George and Kitty Matcham's granddaughter Catherine Blanckley. 

I have a passion for history and genealogy and am thoroughly enjoying researching my ancestors, both well known and obscure.

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