About Us

Dr Sean Heuvel: Secretary (North American Branch)

Sean is a faculty member at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia (US) and specializes in naval and military history.

Lily Style: Chairman 

Lily founded the Society on 26th April 2016. She is Emma’s 4th great-granddaughter and an enthusiastic genealogical historian. She is also responsible for the website. Her passion for Emma was inspired by her older brother, David Bullock (who she’d not known existed) unexpectedly tracing his birth family in 2015.

Who We Are

Dr Geoff Wright: Historian

Geoff was born and brought up in the parish of Emma's birth.  He was the first historian to trace Emma’s detailed lineage.

Dr Jesse Hellman: Literary Consultant

Jesse is a psychiatrist in Baltimore, Maryland who is interested in how Emma's story has influenced the creation of great literature, particularly Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, as well as films such as The Divine Lady.

Stephen Howarth: Naval History Consultant

Stephen has been a full-time independent author of history all his working life and currently has 15 major books and more than 25 minor ones to his credit. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Geographical Society, and has an MA with Distinction in creative writing. In 2003 he was appointed an honorary Commander Royal Naval Reserves by HM the Queen.

Christopher Sorenson: Historical Consultant (North American Branch) 

Biography coming soon!

Matt Gibson: Historical Consultant

Matt first became interested in historical and genealogical research while helping his partner (Lily) investigate her family history – which includes Emma Hamilton, Nelson and many other fascinating characters.  He loves piecing together stories from the wealth of material available online.

Bari Watts: Historical Consultant

Bari has had a life long interest in Emma and Nelson – and has gained encyclopedic knowledge of  the couple as a result.  He is also a keen genealogical researcher.

Dennis Brickles: NE England Correspondent

Dennis worked for 34 years as a teacher in Liverpool, in Settle and then Harrogate.  Whilst working in Settle he was co-author of a play about the building of the Settle-Carlisle Railway. Years later he went back to that material to write his first novel, called “Batty Green”.

That was followed by “Beauty and Glory”, a novel linking Emma’s story to that of William Beckford, a wealthy eccentric of that time. Dennis lives and works in Harrogate.

Ray Mayhew: Honorary Life Vice President

Ray is Emma’s 3rd great-granddaughter. Complete biography coming soon!

Mary Arthur: Honorary Life Vice President

Mary is Emma’s 4th great-granddaughter.  She is a retired teacher and homeopath and is quite happy to follow on in her mother, Anna's footsteps in presenting the Emma/Nelson story.