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Memoirs of Lady Hamilton; with illustrative anecdotes of many of her most particular friends and distinguished contemporaries

Published: 1815, Henry Colburn, London. Pages 428

Memoirs of Emma, Lady Hamilton; with anecdotes of her friends and contemporaries (Later publication of the 1815 version above)

Published: 1891, W.W. Gibbings, London. Edited and Annotated by William H Long. Pages: 350

Emma, Lady Hamilton: An Old Story Re-told by Hilda Gamlin

Published: 1891, Edward Howell, Liverpool.  Pages: 460 

​Emma, Lady Hamilton; a biographical essay with a catalogue of her published portraits by James Thomas Herbert Baily (also reviewed under 20th Century Books on the Recommended Reading page)

Published: 1905 Publisher: W.G. Menzies, London. Pages: 232 

Emma Lady Hamilton by Walter Sydney Sichel

Published: 1905, Archibald Constable and Company, London. Pages: 668

Nelson's Lady Hamilton by Esther Hallam Moorhouse (Meynell)

Published: 1911, Methuen & Co, London. Pages: 520

The Story of Lady Hamilton by Esther Hallam Moorhouse (Meynell)

Published: 1911, T.N. Foulis, London.  Pages: 208

A Great Adventuress: Lady Hamilton and the Revolution in Naples by Joseph Turquan and Jules Eugène Auriac

Published: 1914, Herbert Jenkins Ltd., London.  Pages 404

Nelson's Legacy - Lady Hamilton: Her Story & Tragedy by Julia Frankau (writing as Frank Danby)

Published: 1915, Cassell and Company, Ltd., London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne. Pages: 428