Simple Family Trees

Evelyn Hervey Ward (1870 - 1961) and Ada Blanche Ward (1871 - 1965)

Ethel Mary Ward (1866 - 1946)

Dr Frederick Style and Alice Lilian Ward (1873 - 1911),

Simple Trees of Emma’s Family

The Style Line

Captain Edward Blanckley RN (1790 - 1845),

Catherine N. P. T .Blanckley (1835 - 1927),

Prof D. W. G. Style (1904 - ’79) and Ray Vanda Style (1945 - )

Mary A. K. H. Arthur née Tribe with her mother, Anna

Young Anna Somerset (later Tribe) with her father, aunt Lily and, possibly, uncle Hugh Nelson Ward

Rev Horatio Nelson Ward (1822 - 1888)

Raglan T. H. and Elizabeth H. A Somerset née Ward with babies Raglan and Lily Horatia

The Tribe Line

Raglan Tribe and family

Style family: David Bullock, Lily Style, Ray Mayhew née Style, Matt Gibson and Sophie Style

1884 wedding of Elizabeth H. A. Ward (1857 - 1929) to Raglan T. H Somerset (1859 - 1938).

A. Millicent B. Somerset (1888 - 1958) and her brother Raglan H. E. H. Somerset (1885 - 1956)

Owain and Rebecca Arthur

Combined Style and Tribe Tree

Emma Hamilton, albumen print of Romney’s Emma Hart Fortune Telling (Style family print))

Horatia Nelson as a small child (Style family print)

Horatio Lord Nelson (Style family print)

Rev Philip Ward (Style family print)